Currently I’m working on a couple of projects, & freelancing for some agencies I like on a per-project basis. hmu if you’d like to chat with me about your new website / internet life / fave artist:

Francesca d’Ath
Francesca d’Ath


I make design & code (& other things).

I work a lot in the arts and for small businesses and NGOs. I’ve made websites for artists of all types, literary awards, translation agencies, vehicles manufacturers, engineering firms, and a wide variety of projects in agencies.

My aim is to simplify and demystify the whole process of building, designing, using, and maintaining a website for people, organisations, and companies who want to be responsible for and have full, uncomplicated control over their website.

I provide consulting and advice on all aspects of design and development, performance and security, localisation, and general webserver and hosting support.


  1. Inclusive design is the first thing.
  2. Things I care about: Intersectionality, Accessibility, Usability, Aesthetics, Performance.
  3. I’m good anywhere in the LAMP & CSS/JS/HTML stacks.
  4. Things I use daily: CSS, HTML, PHP, WordPress, jQuery & JavaScript, MySQL, Vagrant, Git, Bash, WP-CLI.

Things I’m solid in:

  • a11y. Yup, small word for big subject and for me accessibility includes responsive design, semantic HTML, UX & UI, typography & webfonts, image, video, and media management, structured data, pretty much everything I do comes back to this.
  • .htaccess, SSH, caching & performance, opcache, security, HTTPS & HSTS, Let’s Encrypt
  • GRPR / DSVGO, Strong Customer Authentication (SCA), privacy and customer protection
  • Apache server setup, Linux VM setup, webhosting setup & management, consulting, content management
  • Also: photography, image editing, & Photoshop Affinity Photo (I use Panasonic and Canon); video, camera, editing, & Final Cut Pro X; and pretty much anything in MacOS

WordPress & adjacent stuff I write and / or use on the regular:

  • functions, plugins, and theme development, Advanced Custom Fields, WP REST API & AJAX, WPML, WooCommerce, MediaElement.js, DataTables, WP-CLI, NextCloud, Laravel


I live in Berlin. Other cities with the letters ‘b’, ‘r’, ‘e’, and/or ‘l’ also may be attractive to me, as are forests, mountains, big oceans. Most interesting stuff is on my blog, supernaut