•, a new website for feminist performance collective Swoosh Lieu in Berlin – arrived May 11th, 2020.
  •, An archive for the Merchants of Slime, VNS Matrix. 25 years of Australian net art – arrived June 30th, 2019.
  •, a single-page, gastro-tourism event booking website for Forellenhof Rottstock in Brandenburg.
  •, a multilingual website for full-service sustainability agency.
  •, research blog for Phd study at Digital Ethnography Research Centre (DERC), Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Australia.
  • At Ape Unit in Berlin, a multilingual website for non-profit association Bonfaremo.
  • A new, neo-Grotesk design and code for Australian artist, filmmaker and performer Emile Zile.
  • Website for the Otherwise Award (formerly James Tiptree, Jr. Literary Council Award).
  • Portfolio for Berlin choreographer & dancer, Melanie Lane.
  • Project website and archive for Belgian dance company SOIT / Stay Only If Temporary / Hans Van den Broeck.
  • Website & blog for Berlin choreographer & dancer, Dasniya Sommer.


  • Portfolio for Melbourne writer & editor, Cynthia Troup.
  • Website for theatre translation agency in Uferhallen, Berlin-Wedding.
  • Portfolio for Berlin choreographer, dancer, performer David Bloom.
  • Multilingual project website for Bundesverband Solare Mobilität e.V.
  • A tumblr-like blog for dancer & choreographer, Lewis Major.



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