A digital archive for Australian cyberfeminist collective, VNS Matrix.

’90s-period CRT phosphor colours, monospace fonts, highly structured and interlinked data, emerging from over a year of conversations and work with the Merchants of Slime. Deep adoration for Web 1.0 aesthetics, sliding into contemporary possibilities for accessibility, interaction, responsiveness, and clarity.

Thank you so much for the amazing job you have done on the site, it is really beautiful and useful and informationful and so much more than an a *website*, it handles the large amounts of information logically and moves the viewer through a history of our work that is dense and rich. Without the data handling capacities that you have coded and themed this would be very ordinary. it is not ordinary! Thankyou <3 — Virginia Barratt

thank you so much for the wonderful magnificent joyous careful inventive work you have done over the past year or so to bring the dream of the vns matrix pedagogical archive to fruition. to my mind, what you have created with your vision and extremely careful under the hood work is an artwork in itself, and so true to the vns stylee. — doll yoko

What I used & did:

Accessibility, Advanced Custom Fields, Apache, Bash, CSS3, GDPR, Git, HTML5, HTTPS, JavaScript, jQuery, Let's Encrypt, Lightbox, MySQL, Nextcloud, Performance, PHP, Project Management, Responsive Design, SEO, Server Administration, Typography, Vagrant, Video, Web Content Management, Website Design, Website Development, WordPress, WP-CLI
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